Tuesday, April 12, 2022

My Dream, Simple As It Is

'...walking with Popo at the beach.'

I'm weirded.  Is it even a word?

A friend, now my boss told me a long time ago that I am making the best of what I have, only I can do better.  I'd say he could be right, and I can feel it.  My stars are telling me so.  The universe is trying so hard to make me understand.

But what if I'm fine with waking up with the sun and taking a walk, or sleeping in till I'm hungry?  What if I'm okay with the food on my table and a roof over my head?  What if I'm good with enough to buy groceries and pay my bills?

I dream of a simple life - a house on a farm or a beach, a red pickup, and a hobby/business to save the day.  I wanted my day to look like this:

- wake up in the morning

- drink coffee and jog

- tend to the garden

- prepare and have breakfast

- clean the house, do the laundry

- prepare and eat lunch

- have siesta or read a book

- work on my business

- play with the dogs and the kids

- tend to the garden again

- prepare and have dinner

- watch dramas or movies

- then sleep

Trips to the market and suppliers, visits to families and friends, tours to beaches and hot spots, etc in between.

Sometimes I think that the life I want is just an excuse.  A reason not to act and pursue what I should be doing all along.  That I am just letting time pass, and that I’ve given up.

Did I really give up on what I should be?

What about the joy I feel when I slowly prepare the ingredients and cook our meal?  What about these feelings of peace, and of joy when I tend the garden or sew a dress?  What can compare to the delight I feel when I pet our dogs?  I’d even give up my internet access for a siesta and a good book.

I still believe this is the life I should be leading, and I’m still working on it.

I’m just weirded out.  There was a bit of a nudge earlier on my mind that tells me what if I had worked on the other path, the other way, the other measure of success.  Would I be happy?

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Everyday Maxi for Kids


'...this cotton linen in Salmon just makes my heart rush.'

This New Year, I promised myself that I'd be spending my weekend sewing, that is if I don't have any gala scheduled.  For the whole month of January, I did just that... any free time on a Sunday and my hand's on a fabric.

Can you imagine I did just a girl's dress for one whole month?  That shows how much free time I have.  I've been complaining since last year that I didn't have enough time.  That no matter how much time I put in at work, or what time management I apply, it just keeps on piling up.  Anyway, this is a story for another time.

So I did a tiered maxi dress.  I got the pattern from Oliver + S  which by the way was an alteration of a popover dress.

'...first half of the maxi dress.'

'...finally, the completed work 😀.'

This one's going to be a gift to my niece.  But I am hoping I can make more to sell soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Plea and A Cry

I saw a post of Dingdong Dantes on Facebook sharing a photo of The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews with his own comment on the interview - and it was good.

Natrigger ng post nya yung mga fears ko for this coming election so I shared his post and wrote my own insight.

Plan.  Discern.  Act.

'... it is not as difficult as say Calculus but will definitely help yourself and our country in the future.  Find a quiet place if you must and listen to your heart.  Look inside you and seek the answers - what do you want?  What does our country need?  And while you're at it, a piece of advise. 

No matter how cruel the society is, no matter how unfair the world is, no matter how difficult life is - choose someone who will help us heal, guide our growth and maintain our liberty.

Look into the future and see what will become of us, and please, consider and never forget, how our very actions and decisions will affect our freedom.'

And of course, a bit from Sharon Cuneta's words to her fans during a Zoom conference.

'... as Filipinos, we will be able to take back what is rightfully ours, which is decency as a nation, as people, our kindness.'

I am hoping someone will take heed.