Sunday, February 18, 2024

Kenyari Gift Studio

Kenyari Barbiecore Series

I've been wanting to start a business in the clothing industry but it seems that I can't get my mind to focus on a thing.  I know I can't do everything, and I at least wanted to follow the advice of experts online - focus on a product/service then expand as necessary.

Pero naguguluhan talaga ako... 

If I decide to start a business with one particular item, say scrunchies, I am not sure how can I integrate other things that I love.  Am I supposed to create another business?  Parang ang hirap naman non.

Then came the idea - the gift shop.  Souvenir shop, novelty shop... kahit ano pang tawag dyan.  The idea is to retail items that I love and I am passionate about.  So for days, I was thinking of how to start, what items to sell, what to prioritize etc.

I love giving gifts.  There are upcoming holidays and birthdays that for sure, I will be preparing gifts for.  At ayun nga... ang galing... naisip kong ang ibebenta kong items, at least while nagstart pa lang, is the gift that I am going to give sa mga upcoming celebration.  Or at least I'll focus on one item, then add more as time goes by.  Di ba, naging masunurin pa ako sa mga business coaches online. 😄

It is going to be a project that Quel and I will take upon for the business... and we will call it Kenyari Gift Studio.

A bit of info, Ken is Quel and Yari is me so this is us, taking on projects to give as a gift to people we know and care about... extending these pieces to you so you may also be able to show your love, through our products, to the people dear to your heart.

Wish us luck... 💚

Monday, January 29, 2024

Things To Do for the New Year

Credit: Good Housekeeping

That's just about right.  I allowed myself a trial.  It's kind of funny and yes, we could use a few. 😁

Hindi rin naman talaga ito awkward, I mean starting the year in February because this year's Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is in February.

Just like most people, I tend to make these goals at the beginning of a certain period.  Beginning of the week, of the month, of the season, of the year.  Ganyan ka din ba?

Here is the list of things I would like to focus on this year.  Read on, you can pick a thing or two from this list.

Things I promised myself to do this new year:

Wake up early

  • This says a lot.  Read the profiles of successful persons, observe the lifestyle of the rural peeps and you'll find that this is one thing they have in common.  Waking up ahead of some people has its own benefits, depending on how you would like to put these hours to use.  I wanted these hours put into doing Tabata exercises, cleaning the house, and having a slow breakfast.  So far, during the trial month, all I was able to accomplish was having breakfast.

Track Expenses
  • This is very important.  Track expenses, monitor cash flow, and add a source of income, or two, or three.  Kahit ilan pa ang kaya mo 😄.  Since last year, I have not been doing well in terms of finances.  Although I can attribute this to the house construction last 2022, and Zeke's getting into college last year, I know I am not the only one feeling the hit of the financial crisis.  So yes, I will be doing this, consistently, persistently.  Ikaw din, gawin mo rin... hawak kamay nating abutin ang financial freedom.

Do a Project
  • I only feel productive if I have ticked something off my list.  To do this, I am setting up projects to focus on things that I know are important and will lead me to my goals... set a timeline, a list of tasks etcetera.  This helps me be in control of my time, and my direction.  I have projects for my day job, for my hobby, and even for cleaning the house.  It helps me be organized, and productive.   It also gives me a sense of accomplishment which is a very good thing to boost confidence.

Breathe Beauty

  • Not literally of course but if you can do that, hey why not?  For me it means, enjoying my food, taking in the smell of the rain, feeling the heat of the sun, listening to the crashing of the waves in the sand.  You are imagining it noh?  Breathing beauty for me means living in the world I dream for myself.  That Spanish house, the red pick up, the fresh produce from my gardens, reading books, watching movies, spending lazy afternoons, having slow breakfast, painting, crafting, sewing...  it is feeling and breathing the moment, the journey.

This is about me, yes, that is correct.  (I am saying this while imagining Dr. Brennan in my head saying these words... 😆  Dr. Brennan is the protagonist in the series Bones, and I love the series!  Watch it in Disney+).  Okay back to what I was saying, the above list is for me but I am sharing this list with you because I know you'd pick a thing or two that can also help in making a better version of yourself.

Lezz go get it!