Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Popo and Roma


'...Roma (left) and Popo (right) cozies up with each other.

Meet Popo and Roma 😇

It's a surprise that we have dogs.  Honestly, I've never really thought about caring for one - and now they're two.

I never liked animals, especially mammals.  I guess, people change.

We only have Popo at first, he's a little more than a year old now.  About a month ago, my sister, who is my neighbor, brought home a dog.  Unfortunately, their dog Atheno is scaring the little one so he, Roma, always runs over to our house.

Bati sila ni Popo!!

Popo is kind to Roma.  He shares his food, plays with him and open the door for him when Roma can't.  So Roma stays at home.

They're so cute and we heart them, Quel and I. 💚

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