Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Plea and A Cry

I saw a post of Dingdong Dantes on Facebook sharing a photo of The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews with his own comment on the interview - and it was good.

Natrigger ng post nya yung mga fears ko for this coming election so I shared his post and wrote my own insight.

Plan.  Discern.  Act.

'... it is not as difficult as, say Calculus but will definitely help yourself and our country in the future.  Find a quiet place if you must and listen to your heart.  Look inside you and seek the answers - what do you want?  What does our country need?  And while you're at it, a piece of advise. 

No matter how cruel the society is, no matter how unfair the world is, no matter how difficult life is - choose someone who will help us heal, guide our growth and maintain our liberty.

Look into the future and see what will become of us, and please, consider and never forget, how our very actions and decisions will affect our freedom.'

And of course, a bit from Sharon Cuneta's words to her fans during a Zoom conference.

'... as Filipinos, we will be able to take back what is rightfully ours, which is decency as a nation, as people, our kindness.'

I am hoping someone will take heed.

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