Saturday, February 12, 2022

Everyday Maxi for Kids


'...this cotton linen in Salmon just makes my heart rush.'

This New Year, I promised myself that I'd be spending my weekend sewing, that is if I don't have any gala scheduled.  For the whole month of January, I did just that... any free time on a Sunday and my hand's on a fabric.

Can you imagine I did just a girl's dress for one whole month?  That shows how much free time I have.  I've been complaining since last year that I didn't have enough time.  That no matter how much time I put in at work, or what time management I apply, it just keeps on piling up.  Anyway, this is a story for another time.

So I did a tiered maxi dress.  I got the pattern from Oliver + S  which by the way was an alteration of a popover dress.

'...first half of the maxi dress.'

'...finally, the completed work 😀.'

This one's going to be a gift to my niece.  But I am hoping I can make more to sell soon.

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