Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Kenyari Gift Studio

Maple Leaf Series - Kenyari Scrunchies

I've been wanting to start a business in the clothing industry but it seems that I can't get my mind to focus on a thing.  I know I can't do everything, and I at least wanted to follow the advice of experts online - focus on a product/service then expand as necessary.

Pero naguguluhan talaga ako hahaha... 

If I decide to start a business with one particular item, say scrunchies, I am not sure how can I integrate other things that I love.  Am I supposed to create another business?  Parang ang hirap naman non.

Then came the idea - the gift shop.  Souvenir shop, novelty shop... kahit ano pang tawag dyan.  The idea is to retail items that I love and I am passionate about.  So for days, I was thinking of how to start, what items to sell, what to prioritize etc.

I love giving gifts.  There are upcoming holidays and birthdays that for sure, I will be preparing gifts for.  At ayun nga... ang galing... naisip kong ang ibebenta kong items, at least while nagstart pa lang, is the gift that I am going to give sa mga upcoming celebration.  Or at least I'll focus on one item, then add more as time goes by.  Di ba, naging masunurin pa ako sa mga business coaches online. 😄

It is going to be a project that I and Quel will take upon for the business... and we will call it Kenyari Gift Studio.

A bit of info, Ken is Quel and Yari is me so this is us, taking on projects to give as a gift to people we know and care about... extending these pieces to you so you may also be able to show your love, thru our products, to the people dear to your heart.

Wish us luck... 💚

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