Tuesday, September 5, 2023

More of What Our Heart Desires

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Check out the internet and you'll find a lot of articles about minimalism.  My inbox is actually full of emails from blogs I subscribed to, and most of them are from those who write about minimalism.

I can't say that I am practicing minimalism, not officially at least, and not consciously.  I even dream of having a Spanish house with so many trimmings here and there.  Porcelains everywhere, old, broken, shiny, and new.  Curtains, warm color, plants - you know... the things that make your home so full and old.

But I am someone who threw away things I no longer use.  I am someone who only has things that I need - like a pot, half a dozen spoons, a pair of plates, and so on.  So if friends come over for dinner, I will have to go to my sister's house to borrow utensils. 😅

My clothes could only last me a week, and although I love the idea of having too many clothes, and shoes especially, I can't get to buy myself new ones.  It doesn't feel right for me.

I realized today that I may be practicing minimalism not fully knowing that I am.  Or maybe, I am just not putting a name to things that I do, or choose.

Here's a thing though... I've got a number of books lying around, I have mugs of different sizes, a good number of threads, boxes of fabrics, and pens.

I've read from one of the many articles I subscribed to that minimalism is not about having fewer things.  It's having enough of what you need, less of what you don't need, and more of what your heart desires.  Okay, this one last part, you can quote me on that. 😊

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